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Steele and Shores (2017) – The Use of Celebrity Men in Anti-Trafficking and Ending Demand Interventions


In this article, we explore such claims and contestations about the remaking of manliness and ending of trafficking demand. We ask how, in (over)emphasizing supposedly desirable and socially sanctioned masculine roles, do the announcements shape masculinities? Do they really change cultural stereotypes or simply serve to reproduce them in even more troubling ways? This discussion therefore serves not only to explore celebrity culture and the shaping of masculinities, but also investigates how celebrity denunciation of other forms of masculinity can be both helpful and harmful.

-Excerpt from Text, p. 100–101.


Steele, Sarah L., and Tyler Shores2017. “The Use of Celebrity Men in Anti-Trafficking and Ending Demand Interventions: Observations on the ‘Real Men Don’t Buy Girls’ Public Service Campaign.” Pp. 99–120 in Contemporary Masculinities in the UK and the US: Between Bodies and Systems, edited by S. Horlacher and K. Floyd. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-50820-7_6.





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