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Pease, Bob (2012) – The Politics of Gendered Emotions – Disrupting Men’s Emotional Investment in Privilege


This paper explores the implications of the neglect of emotions in critical masculinity studies and profeminist masculinity politics. This neglect in part results from feminist and profeminist critiques of the literature on emotional inexpressiveness as a tragedy for men that ignores male privilege and men’s social power. To focus on men’s emotions is seen by some profeminist commentators as psychologising men at the expense of sociological understandings of men’s social power. However, in neglecting the place of emotions in men’s lives, critical masculinity studies has overlooked the ways in which men’s emotional attachment to privilege can perpetuate oppressive gender relations and male violence against women. By exploring men’s emotional investment in unequal gender relations, the article outlines ways in which emotions can also be used as a catalyst to disrupt men’s attachment to male privilege.


Pease, Bob2012. “The Politics of Gendered Emotions: Disrupting Men’s Emotional Investment in Privilege.” Australian Journal of Social Issues 47(1):125–42. doi:10.1002/j.1839-4655.2012.tb00238.x.





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