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O’Hagan, Kieran (1997) – The Problem of Engaging Men in Child Protection Work


Child protection workers often concentrate upon mothers, and ignore or avoid fathers and male cohabitees. This article attempts to explore such tendencies, with the help of literature, research and the author’s own experiences. It asks: when does this ignoring and avoidance take place? How and why is it done, and what are the likely consequences for child, mother, father/male partner, and child protection worker? It suggests that ignoring or avoiding men constitutes a serious problem in child protection work. It makes suggestions on how trainers and managers may prepare workers more effectively, enabling them to engage men who are significant in the lives of abused children.


O’Hagan, Kieran. 1997. “The Problem of Engaging Men in Child Protection Work.” British Journal of Social Work 27(1):25–42. doi:10.1093/oxfordjournals.bjsw.a011194.





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