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Mohan et al. (2001) – Mauled by MAVEN – Our Story of Involving Men in the Movement


We didn’t realize the risk we were taking when, in June of 2000 our three agencies collaborated to form the Men Against Violence Education Network (MAVEN) with the goal of involving men in our community education and children’s programs. We decided to recruit male volunteers for several reasons: We wanted children in our programs and people in the community to see positive relationships role modeled between men and women, and we know from experience that words spoken by men are often heard and taken more seriously than the same words spoken by women. Also, our agencies mission is to end violence against women and children, and we know that domestic violence will not end until all genders are involved. We write this article to talk about what it’s been like for us to involve men in the movement against domestic and sexual violence and to consider the way patriarchy shaped this experience. We write this to process and heal. We write this to share our story, to give voice to what creating space for men has been like for us. We write this in the hopes of opening up dialogues about involving men in the movement. Perhaps an examination of our experiences with internalized sexism will open up a larger dialogue among feminists.

-Excerpt from Text, p. 25.


Mohan, Laurel, Angela Schultz, and Traci Boyle. 2001. “Mauled by MAVEN: Our Story of Involving Men in the Movement.” Off Our Backs 31(9):25–30.


Journal no longer published.

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Mohan et al. (2001) – Mauled by MAVEN – Our Story of Involving Men in the Movement

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