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Maracek, Jeanne (2000) – Men, Masculinity and Feminism


The three books I review here all have to do with men and masculinity, but they do not advance a common diagnosis of men’s malaise. . . . Are men too full of rage . . . ? Or have they lost touch with their innate wildness . . . ? . . . Has the so-called emancipation of women left men demoralized and gender relations wrecked? If so, why do so many men seem blithely, even ebulliently, unaware of their emotional desperation?

-Excerpt from Text, p. 505.


Maracek, Jeanne. 2000. “Men, Masculinity and Feminism.” Feminism & Psychology 10(4):505–10. doi:10.1177/0959353500010004012





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Maracek, Jeanne (2000) – Men, Masculinity and Feminism

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