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Keddie, Amanda (2006) – Pedagogies and Critical Reflection – Key Understandings for Transformative Gender Justice


It is widely acknowledged that quality pedagogy is central to improving the educational outcomes of all students. In improving the social and academic outcomes of boys, and more specifically disengaged boys, the productive pedagogies model has been presented as a way forward. In terms of drawing on this model in socially just ways; to facilitate a broadening, rather than reinscribing of boys’ narrow constructions of gender identity, this paper illustrates the imperative of teachers interacting with key feminist understandings of masculinity. Organized around the four dimensions of productive pedagogy, the paper draws on (predominantly Australian‐based) seminal work in the sphere of masculinities and schooling to discuss key strategies and initiatives for improving boys’ educational outcomes. Against this backdrop, the paper demonstrates the importance of two principle understandings. The first relates to teachers understanding masculinity through feminist lenses, as constructed, regulated and maintained through inequitable social processes and the second relates to teachers understanding pedagogy as critical and transformative practice. These understandings are presented as vital to enabling gender justice.


Keddie, Amanda. 2006. “Pedagogies and Critical Reflection: Key Understandings for Transformative Gender Justice.” Gender and Education 18(1):99–114. doi:10.1080/09540250500195184.





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