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Jordan, Ana (2019) – Feminist Men’s Movements – The White Ribbon Campaign (UK) and the Dilemmas of Feminist Men


So far, I have categorised men’s movements’ responses to feminism as feminist, postfeminist and/or backlash and argued that it is vital to understand not only the masculinities articulated by individual movements, but also where they sit in relation to a broader politics around the idea of a crisis of masculinity. As there is currently little research on men’s movements in the UK context, over the next four chapters, I focus the analysis on one group in each of the ‘feminist’, ‘postfeminist’ and ‘backlash’ categories, rather than giving a more superficial overview of movements in each. For each of the groups discussed, however, I consider the presence of all three narratives to the extent that they are articulated by the group. This is because, as noted, movements frequently do not fall neatly into these categories. Whilst feminist (and backlash) groups more neatly occupy the definitions proposed in the typology, their narratives are still frequently ambivalent.

-Excerpt from Text, p. 123.


Jordan, Ana2019. “Feminist Men’s Movements: The White Ribbon Campaign (UK) and the Dilemmas of Feminist Men.” Pp. 123–63 in The New Politics of Fatherhood: Men’s Movements and Masculinities, edited by A. Jordan. doi:10.1057/978-1-137-31498-7_4.



Jordan’s entire book is useful to explore the broader picture of engaging men, however, this chapter and “Gender, Social Movements and the Politics of Backlash” in particular, focus more on the issue.

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