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Holmes, Curtis (2019) – Coaches’ Influence – Addressing Male Athletes’ Behaviours and Attitudes about “Being a Man”


This study is a qualitative exploration of coaches’ influence on their male athletes to promote inclusive masculinity and to eliminate harmful effects of traditional masculinity. Ten University of Guelph Athletic coaches participated in semi-structured interviews which centred around the definition and manliness and their influence on their athletes. Thematic analysis indicated the challenge to the definition of manliness, the preference for an athlete to be a good person rather than gender, identifiable qualities of being a man, that coaches have a major influence on the behaviour of their athletes and that there are aspirational attributes that coaches would like to see from their athletes. These findings extend the limited research that does focuses on coaches and their perspectives on inclusive masculinity of their male athletes and provides new research coaches desire for their athletes to be a good person and to be more inclusive and positive. Future research should investigate direct actions of athetes [sic] and the measurable outcomes of coaches influence.


Holmes, Curtis2019. “Coaches’ Influence: Addressing Male Athletes’ Behaviours and Attitudes about ‘Being a Man’.” Master’s dissertation, Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition, The University of Guelph.





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