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Flood, Michael (2005) – Men’s Collective Struggles for Gender Justice – The Case of Anti-violence Activism


Men’s collective struggles for gender justice are an important aspect of con- temporary contestations of gender. Groups and networks of men across the globe, often in collaboration with women, are engaged in public efforts in support of gender equality. Men’s antiviolence activism is the most visible and well-developed aspect of such efforts. Among the range of groups and campaigns enacted by men in the name of progressive gender agendas over the last three decades, antiviolence work has been the most persistent focus, has attracted the largest involvements, and has achieved the greatest international participation. Men’s antiviolence activism therefore is an important case study of male involvement in struggles for gender justice. What does this activism involve, why do men participate, and how do patriarchal inequalities shape both men’s efforts and their reception?

-Excerpt from Text, p. 458.


Flood, Michael. 2005. “Men’s Collective Struggles for Gender Justice: The Case of Anti-violence Activism.” Pp. 458–66 in Handbook of Studies on Men & Masculinities, edited by M. S. Kimmel, J. Hearn, and R. W. Connell. doi:10.4135/9781452233833.n27.




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