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Englar-Carlson and Shepard (2005) – Engaging Men in Couples Counseling – Strategies for Overcoming Ambivalence and Inexpressiveness


Greater attention in scholarly literature has recently been drawn to the unique mental health and clinical needs of men. This article summarizes the existing literature on engaging men in couples counseling. Specifically, strategies are presented to assist counselors to (a) address the help-seeking process for men, (b) assess the role of masculine socialization on presenting concerns and for the process of counseling, and (c) help counselors work with male discomfort with emotions. Clinical examples and vignettes are offered to highlight how these strategies can be applied in couples counseling.


Englar-Carlson, Matt, and David S. Shepard. 2005. “Engaging Men in Couples Counseling: Strategies for Overcoming Ambivalence and Inexpressiveness.” The Family Journal 13(4):383–91. doi:10.1177/1066480705278467.





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