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Dukes and Palm (2019) – Reproductive Justice and Support for Young Fathers


The current article addresses the interests and contributions of fathers to child development and well‐being within a reproductive and social justice framework. We present an overview of research on the role of fathers in the lives of children from the prenatal period through early childhood, with an emphasis on fathers as partners and caregivers in promoting the reproductive health and safety of women and the healthy development of young children. We explore especially the challenges of young, at‐risk fathers as well as system and practice opportunities that support their contributions as partners and parents. Our goal of the article is to extend the discourse on reproductive and social justice to include the shared responsibility of all parents and facilitate circumstances whereby children experience the support needed to become nurturing caregivers for the next generation.


Dukes, Andre, and Glen Palm2019. “Reproductive Justice and Support for Young Fathers.” Infant Mental Health Journal 40(5):710–24.  doi:10.1002/imhj.21806.




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Dukes and Palm (2019) – Reproductive Justice and Support for Young Fathers

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