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Dabby, Chic (2013) – Engaging Asian Men – Divesting from Gender Violence; Investing in Gender Equality


Engaging Asian Men asks what it will take for men in our communities to divest from gender violence and invest in gender equality. This question grows out of the realization that whilst the women’s movement and the anti-domestic violence movement have successfully built resources and recourses for victims/survivors, advocates in these movements are still struggling to stop men’s violence. The notion of ‘engaging men and boys’ has come to mean a lot of things, from men’s role in these movements to approaches that range from bystander engagement to tertiary prevention. This report examines how engagement applies within the cultural contexts of Asian men and their communities. Because sociocultural differences influence how patriarchy is enforced, how heteronormative masculinity is defined, and how women’s self-determination is expressed or controlled, they also influence what ‘engaging men’ means.

The Asian & Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence convened a roundtable of advocates and activists who address domestic and sexual violence, civil rights, LGBTQ rights, and gender equality to examine this issue for men in general and Asian men in particular. This report captures some of the key points and complexities of engaging Asian men.

-Excerpt from Text, Introduction.


Dabby, Chic2013. Engaging Asian Men: Divesting from Gender Violence; Investing in Gender Equality. Oakland, CA: Asian & Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence.




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