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Allen et al. (2019) – Examining Men’s Perceptions of GBV Prevention Programming Content


As global efforts to engage men in preventing gender-based violence (GBV) continue to grow, understanding male participants’ perceptions of prevention events is needed. Data from a global sample of 319 men who had attended GBV prevention events were used to (a) assess men’s perceptions of what topics were covered, (b) determine whether profiles of these perceptions could be identified, and (c) describe the degree to which content perception profiles are associated with levels of men’s motivation and confidence related to antiviolence action. Latent class analysis identified four perception profiles of prevention topics. Implications for GBV prevention programming are discussed.


Allen, Christopher T., Juliana M. Carlson, Erin A. Casey, Richard M. Tolman, and Cliff Leek2019. “Examining Men’s Perceptions of GBV Prevention Programming Content.” Violence Against Women 25(5):614–32. doi:10.1177/1077801218796324.





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